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Power Supply Repairs

Passionate computer geeks and even regular users rarely think about their systems’ Power Supply Repairs because, for most of the time, if things go smoothly and the computers boot and power up, nobody really cares about those boxes in the units. There is often confusion as to the importance of these power supplies, since, most of the times they don’t influence the way the computers behave as other sub-ensembles, like the motherboard, the graphics cards, the hard drive and so on. But the fact is that when the power supply is a powerful one, exceeding 600 watts, with a level of power efficiency above the 80, 85% range, buying a new one can be a real hassle.

The power supply repairs are thus vital for keeping one’s budget down, especially of the unit is a quality one, one that delivers power to a serious enthusiast or above system. In terms of issues that can occur with the supply, a few are more common: the cables can rupture, or have their sleeves cut or shorted. Better power supplies offer protection against electric surges, over voltages and other calamities, but these too can suffer when an actual larger than usual discharge happens.

Most of the times however, the power supply repairs are demanded when suddenly the PC won’t start and the other components are not at fault. In these cases the power supplies can have a condenser blown or some wiring ruptured and much more.
Modern and quality power supplies are very intricate electric and electronic devices, often times containing chips which guarantee a clean current delivery to many of the components on need of being powered. But generally, the most demanding components are the high end graphic adapters as well as the motherboard.

In an effort to protect a computer or other electric installations from closing unexpectedly or to protect them from electrical surges, the UPS (uninterruptible power supply) is used as an electrical buffer to this end. The UPS repairs are oftentimes tasked either with actual repairs of these units but also with maintenance tasks such as replacing exhausted battery packs inside them, changing fuses or other components.

Depending on how often they are used and the consumption of the devices attached to the UPS system, these can withstand a few minutes or even hours after the power is out, giving the use the time to actually save hi work in progress and to turn the computer and other attached consumers off without risking the loss of data or damage components.

Also, the UPS repairs can be tasked with changing the battery packs of these devices with better, more efficient units, that could withstand higher demands, but that is generally less asked of the companies which offer these services. If you suspect that your UPS is no longer capable of holding a charge for sufficient time, then it might be time to schedule a Power Supply Repairs intervention even if it tasked solely with maintenance. An exhausted battery pack in your UPS will no longer guarantee uninterrupted usage, so make sure it still is capable of delivering.


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